Shenick scales new heights in per-flow IP network quality testing with upgraded 10Gbps performance

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Multi-10Gbps per-flow QoE testing now possible for next generation OTT video, telepresence and secure VPN testing.

Burlingame, CA – Nov 20, 2010  - Shenick Network Systems, the global award winning provider of per-flow, high performance IP communications test systems, has introduced the diversifEye™ 5500 a multi-10Gbps, per-flow IP application traffic test system. The diversifEye 5500 can test to extreme levels of performance. A single test system can emulate hundreds of Gbps of stateful per-flow traffic coupled with the ability to measure each and every flow in real time from layer 2-7.

The unprecedented demand in bandwidth and stringent quality of experience (QoE) expectations for delay sensitive applications such as OTT video, telepresence video conferencing, VoIP and internet data center traffic often running over secure VPN’s has created demand for highly scalable, quality solutions offering per application flow QoE testing.

Commenting on the launch of the diversifEye 5500, Alan Robinson, Shenick CEO said, “Pressure to deliver high quality, high performance end to end applications requires extreme scalability testing coupled with a focus on individual customer QoE. Shenick’s diversifEye 5500 is an essential test component in dealing with these twin challenges”

diversifEye 5500 provides the ability to test QoS/QoE limitations under the most realistic consumer and enterprise application usage scenarios. For example, while determining how many IPSec/SSL VPN’ sessions a security headend system can handle, diversifEye also determines individual flow QoE for bandwidth intensive applications such as Telepresence Video Conferencing, OTT Streaming Video, Web, Email, FTP etc.

Because of improved price-performance characteristics with the diversifEye 5500 10G stateful tester, the cost of testing for equipment vendors and network providers is significantly reduced. In addition, multiple diversifEye 5500 can easily be daisy chained together and managed from a single user interface to scale to enormous levels of application traffic throughput.

The diversifEye 5500 test system is available immediately.

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