Shenick extends its lead as an IPv6 transition protocol testing vendor

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IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd) extends Shenick’s comprehensive IPv6 test functionality

Burlingame, CA –June 1, 2010  -
Shenick Network Systems, the global award winning provider of per-flow, IP network test systems, has extended the functionality of its diversifEye IPv6 transition protocol test capability through the addition of 6rd. The new software release offers the unique opportunity to test 6rd with stateful application traffic flows. The new test capability is now being offered in addition to the recently introduced alternative known as Dual Stack Lite (DS-Lite). diversifEye can now emulate stateful video, voice and data application flows encapsulated by 6rd defined addresses over IPv4.

"The practical realization of IPv6 has been greatly enhanced by transition technologies such as 6rd," said Olga Yashkova, Industry Analyst, Test & Measurement, Frost & Sullivan. "per-flow based test methodologies such as Shenick’s diversifEye enable Service Providers and network equipment manufacturers to determine the efficiency, scalability and application performance when deploying IPv6 transition strategies".

Robert Winters, CMO, Shenick said, "Customers expect a high level of reliability and performance, and whether that involves delivery over IPv4, IPv6 or 6rd, it should remain completely transparent to the user".

Shenick’s per flow architecture enables multiple applications per unique 6rd tunnel. Inside each of these tunneled flows it is possible to measure each and every applications QoE/QoS performance. This in turn can be expanded to hundreds of tunnels, testing the scalability and reliability of any IPv6 deployment.

Shenick diversifEye is used to emulate a wide range of end-point test configurations and scenarios; IPv4 only, IPv6 only and mixed IPv4/IPv6 all with stateful application traffic flows such as video, voice, web, email and P2P.

Shenick's 6rd test suite is available today. Further information is available by contacting

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