ChangingWorlds and O2 UK launch their new, personalized, content centric mobile portal

Dublin, Ireland and London, UK Tuesday, January 29th 2008 – Following 9 months of close collaboration, ChangingWorlds and O2 UK together have designed and delivered a highly sophisticated, personalized and content centric mobile. The new O2 Active portal concept was devised and validated with in-depth market and end user research and is supported on an enterprise-level platform built by ChangingWorlds.

Supporting some of the highest mobile portal traffic in the UK and with over 400 content partners integrated into the O2 portal domain, the new O2 Active portal offers subscribers a huge choice of mobile data services that are highly personalized with individually targeted content.

ChangingWorlds first launched the ClixSmart personalized mobile content platform in O2 UK in 2003. The success of O2 Active intelligent personalization is demonstrated by the fact that over 96.5% of O2 UK’s portal users have explicitly chosen to register for personalization on the portal. Moreover the number of unique subscribers accessing the platform each day has increased ten fold since launch back in October 2003.

Given the importance of personalization for the O2 Active user, ChangingWorlds ensured the seamless migration of the 160 million individual content preferences implicitly learned from the O2 Active users into the new portal structure, ensuring a highly personalized experience for all users at service launch. Aligning this with ChangingWorlds’ capability to seamlessly integrate internet content services into the O2 Active portal, O2 Active users now enjoy a richer, content centric portal experience with more relevant mobile data services at their fingertips.

For example, users who most frequently access News on the portal will not only automatically have ‘News’ as the prominent content service on the homepage, but the news content and individual news services presented inside the news chunk are also personalized to the user’s specific news interest. Conversely, another user who mostly accesses music content on the portal will be delivered personalized music chunk at the top of his or her homepage. The sports user, the games user and messaging & chat users, will each experience a unique, highly personalized portal service. Items most frequently accessed are promoted from deep in the portal service to spaces on prominent menu pages. Each portal menu page is automatically populated and ordered with content services that best reflects each user’s recorded preferences.

On O2 Active, ClixSmart automatically generates, maintains and monitors both user profiles and user community profiles. The community profiles allow O2 tomonitor the level of interest in each O2 service, be it music, sport, news, games or viral applications such as Myspace & Facebook, all of which are integrated on the new O2 Active portal.

As part of its ongoing service to O2 UK, ChangingWorlds ClixSmart Personalization, Content Delivery, Business Intelligence and Service Management roadmap will allow O2 evolve and continuously enhance the O2 Active experience into 2008 and beyond.

Speaking today, Graham Riddell, Head of Content Strategy, O2 UK said “O2 is very proud to launch our new, highly personalized mobile portal service and the 400 plus content partners integrated with the O2 portal domain are very excited about the options this offers them to promote their various services in a highly personalized, targeted manner. Together with ChangingWorlds’ pedigree in mobile portal personalization and intelligent content discovery and the resilience of the O2 Active ClixSmart platform service, this project has been executed with the utmost professionalism, innovation and technical expertise.”

Also speaking today David Moran, CEO of ChangingWorlds said “We are also very proud to launch this top class portal for O2 UK. This service show-cases ChangingWorlds’ capability to deliver the best in mobile portal personalization and intelligent content discovery. It is a privilege to work with an innovative mobile operator such as O2 and to deliver a most sophisticated and advanced mobile portal. Other mobile operators that adopt this strategy will see the Mobile Internet grow to become one of their main drivers of increased ARPU.”

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